Our Community Organizer

Our Community Organizer (OCO) is a cloud platform that offers companies looking to build a community for their customers a complete solution manage their business more efficiently while building a community.  The primary focus of the platform is for sports leagues and facilities; however, the software is flexible enough to help with other types of business.

Key Features

Content Management System (CMS)

Management of all Content (text, photo, graphics and video).  Use Blogs to allow employee and/or user to post regular entries, or Wikis to create and update informational pages and FAQs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

track who your customers are and easily communicate with them.  Register users and allow them to communicate to one another. Build an online community, and strengthen your local community.Hook into the other social networks by allowing your customers to link their accounts. Don’t replace Facebook, MySpace, twitter, etc- add to it.

Point of Sale (POS)

One integrated system to help you inventory and sell products at your store or through the web.  In addition you are able to track purchases with the CRM OS 2.0 to improve sales and add new marketing possibilities.

Event Management

Create, send, and manage your events. Whether you are sports league that schedules games, or a nightclub that hosts special events our Event Management System gives you the tools to organize, enhance, track, and report on your events.

Forums and Polls

Use a variety of methods to improve communications with your customers: open forums, polls to gather opinions from your users, and forms to gather information from your users.

Easy Administration

A simple administration interface to turn on and off unwanted features that does not require the business owner to become a programmer- concentrate on your business not on web development!