About Us

Conx-2-U is a consulting group and software startup in Silicon Valley, CA.  Our goal is to develop innovative solutions for local business and organizations to improve their operational efficiency and how they market to the customers.

Conx-2-U started in 1996 as 3DGaming.com, one of the first social networking websites on the net.  3DGaming used forums, blogs and wiki to promote the nascent 3D graphics and gaming market. Since those early days Conx-2-U, and its brother company Silva Web Development, has gone on to develop a number of websites such as:  http://www.mitcables.com,  http://www.audionerdusa.com, and http://www.memphis-bbq.com.

In 2004 Conx2u moved past just web development and into business development through the involvement with local sports. Our first project evolved from David’s involvement with local youth and adult sports leagues.  David created a business plan for an indoor sports facility focusing on building a family friendly business to promote an active lifestyle and healthy competition that used web to help connect members, build the community, and promote new products and services. Conx-2-U has since used that business plan to launch several successful businesses: MVP Arena, Striker’s Den, Mighty Cubs, and LOL Parties. We continue to feel passionate about helping connect people with their local communities and businesses.  Our current focus is on helping organizations improve their efficiency and the communication with their membership, and a stealth project in gaming (more on that latter).

For more information on how we can help you expand and increase efficiency contact us.