Chris Silva, CTO

Chris has been developing websites since 1996 using a diverse set of web standards starting with HTML and PERL, and on to “web 2.0” standards such as PHP, DHTML, CSS, XML, XLST, JavaScript and various Content Management Systems (CMS) that tie it all together.

A long time contributor and developer in the GNU community Chris has experience with a wide assortment of easy of platforms such as EZ-Publish and Joomla, OSCommerceCube-cart ,Drupal and WordPress.   He understands the advantage of working with  a large developer base for the best in security, and usability while being easy to modify with extensions and custom add ons.

Chris has over 10 years experience with SEO and front end graphical design & layout (This entails writing code that works for the various versions of Document Object Models (DOMs) of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Netscape’s Communicator, and googles new Chrome browser – to name a few).

Websites examples: