Conx-2-U started in 2004 as part time project to develop a social networking solution for sports oriented facilities and leagues managed their membership and services while building an online community.  The primary goal was to replace the manual process that youth leagues used to collect money, create rosters and schedule games.  Most leagues had no online payment options and still used spreadsheets and a lot of manual labor to organize the leagues.

The founder, David Silva, had seen his parents start the local soccer league when he was a youth and was amazed  when he started coaching to discover that the leagues barely had an online presence and most of the tough tasks needed to organize the leagues were still being done manually, and often with avoidable errors.  When David volunteered as a age group coordinator he became the first to use algorithms to help created balanced rosters.  The league had no defined system for scheduling so he created a group of custom spreadsheets to set schedules for the season and the end of year tournament.

David continued coaching youth, managing his competitive adult teams, and helping create new teams for the local adult league.  To solve the  communication problems he turned to Evite and created some online forms to help register new players.  He saw how other passionate volunteers often left when they felt they were working too hard and helped train others with some of the online tools he used.

Over time he continued to grow frustrated with the lack of a single good option to help leagues, coaches and players coordinate.  He also found that without a good solution many leagues found it hard to provide a good quality experience.  Many youth age groups and adult leagues were unbalanced leading to blow out games.  This was not just sad for the losers, but as a competitive player David knew the lack of good competition meant that players were not improving.  This was a problem not just for recreational players for competitive play.

Note: Nothing convinced David more that a well balanced league promoted player growth than when after multiple years of properly balancing his son's age group from U10 to U12 he was able to form  a new competitive U13 team of "recreational" players that then went on to an 8-2 winning season against teams that had played exclusively in competitive leagues for 4+ years.

With this in mind David started developing a business plan to create a cloud based software platform that would allow leagues to better organize themselves, and provide coaches tools to organize their teams.  The platform would use modern frameworks to build an interactive experience for organizes, parents, and players.

As the business plan developed David also worked on a business plan for a family friendly sports facility that promoted an active lifestyle and healthy competition. David went on to launch MVP Arena in 2006.  In 2007 he opened Striker’s Den and LOL Parties at the Silver Creek Sportsplex (SCS). And in 2008 he launched the Mighty Cubs youth training program at SCS.  Many important lessons were learned and continue to be developed into strategies that can help businesses reach out to members and build a strong and loyal customer base.