Building Communities for Businesses

Conx-2-U provides services to help companies better connect to their users with our community platform which provides a better more interactive experience than a typical company website.You may already have a website, but is it tied into social media?  Is it drawing in new customers? Is it building customer loyalty?

Most small and local business owners don’t have the specialized knowledge to develop great email marketing campaigns, website design using web 2.0, or effective online advertising that provides identifiable return on investment. Conx-2-Ucreates market plans, strategies, website designs and custom web solutions  to help you make money for your business.

Conx-2-U goes beyond making a website.  Our first goal is to develop innovative solutions for you to improve the efficiency of your current business.  Then we will help you take advantage of social networking features to improve communication with your customers and generate more leads and sales.  This will be designed to enhance, not replace, your core face to face business that made you strong.

We will help you improve and expand your business so that you can concentrate on why you went into business in the first place.

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